Podcasts: Bartender at Large

Hosted by the award-winning bartender, Erick Castro.

Released Fall 2019

Listen to the podcast using the links below:

Holiday Cocktails w/ Nick Bennett of the Porchlight NYC | Ep. 173
“Join us this week as dive deep into holiday cocktails with renowned eggnog advocate, Nicholas Bennett of the Porchlight in New York City. Bennett is known for his eggnog which is aged over a year, as well as his Hot Buttered Rum. So tune in as we go over the fundamentals of seasonal cocktails, as well as what goes into being able to serve them in a high-volume bar setting.”
November 25, 2019

Mechanics of Distilling w/ Dan Farber | Ep. 169
“Is there a difference between aging and maturity in spirits? How does brandy differ from whiskey? What kind of apples do you need to make a quality apple brandy? Learn the answers to these questions and many more for distiller Dan Farber, who has over 30 years of experience making spirits.”
October 27, 2019

Modern Tiki w/ Shannon Mustipher | Ep. 165
“Writer’s block can be a real issue for today’s bartender when they are looking to create new recipes and menus, which is why being able to tap into avenues of creativity can be so important. Join us this week as we hang with award-winning bartender Kevin Diedrich, as he reveals where he finds inspiration & how he applies that behind the bar.”
September 30, 2019